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news archive

February 15, 2001

Iíve received updated information regarding Season Six of Wind at My Back. Despite CBC's expressed decision to cancel the series, they can change their minds. Believe it or not, our emails are having an effect. Weíre getting through to them. CBC is hearing us. But they need to continue to hear from us.

Networks understand ratings. The ratings for WAMB continue to climb. Networks also understand letters from fans - especially large numbers of letters. We all need to express our displeasure at the cancellation of the show. In addition, we each need to find others to write expressing their views. It would be great if each of us could write and complain to CBC and then get ten other people to write and complain.

Sullivan Entertainment is ready and willing to go ahead with a sixth season but they need the financial support of CBC Television. Keep those letters rolling in!

You can e-mail CBC at

or go to their "Contact Us" page

CBC's Contact Us

February 5, 2001

I finally have an airdate for "The Broad Side." It will premiere on CBC Television on Monday, March 5th and continue for six consecutive weeks. Visit the CBC press release for more information.

January 19, 2001

Want to see Kathy in a sixth season of Wind at My Back?

I've heard a rumour from a connected source that CBC Television is currently considering whether to support a sixth season of Wind at My Back. Do you think that now would be a good time to tell CBC how much we love to see Kathy as Grace Bailey? Whether you watch WAMB on CBC or not, this affects all of us.

You can e-mail them at

or go to their "Contact Us" page

CBC's Contact Us

Letís show our support for a sixth season of Wind at My Back.

January 12, 2001

Kathryn recently joined fellow Second City alumni Colin Mochrie, Patrick McKenna, and Tony Roasto at in Toronto to promote the new book, "The Second City: Backstage at the World's Greatest Comedy Theater." Use this link to find a Real Audio clip of an interview.

January 11, 2001

Just a few minor updates. New links have been added.