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Sorry, your browser doesn't support Java(tm). the UNofficial Kathy Greenwood


h o m e

k a t h y

w o r k s

l i n k s

kathryn greenwood

switching goals

To help their father win the soccer championship, two twin sisters switch places on their respective teams, leading to humorous confusion. Kathryn Greenwood plays Denise, the girls' mother.

Kathryn Greenwood .... Denise Stanton
Eric Lutes .... Jerry Stanton
Mary-Kate Olsen .... Sam Stanton
Ashley Olsen .... Emma Stanton
Trevor Blumas .... Greg Jeffries
Joe Grifasi .... Dave
Ted Atherton .... Mitch
Vito Rezza .... Sal
Jake LeDoux .... Richie
Filmed in Toronto, Canada