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a repair to remember

A Repair to Remember is Mag Ruffman’s fix-it show that takes the fear out of doing home repairs of all shapes and sizes. Mag Ruffman, a real-live licensed contractor, walks viewers through genuine repair situations with a few bloopers along the way.

Kathryn Greenwood has made guest appearances in two plumbing related episodes. In Episode 49, Learning to Love Your P-trap, Mag and Kathy find themselves beneath a kitchen sink replacing a p-trap. In Episode 54, What a Set of Pipes, the adventures continue as Mag and Kathy face a simulated plumbing emergency.

Episode 49 :: Learning to Love Your P-trap

If you know what a p-trap is give yourself a gold star. I had no tangible idea until I watched this and frankly, neither did Kathryn. It's a plumbing pipe, somewhat in the shape of a U, that is used in the plumbing under a sink to keep sewer fumes from backing up into the room. Beautiful invention! No self-respecting sink should be without one.

"We're princess plumbers." Mag Ruffman

To prepare for their plumbing project Mag and Kathy don functional tool belts and assemble only the most essential tools for the job (which, in this case, include nail clippers, popcorn and bugles). Then under the sink they go.

Imagine doing a TV show from under a sink. They're in a cramped area, laying flat on their stomachs on throw pillows. Kathryn's comment to this is, "Errg. Ah, squishing my bugles," to which Mag replies, "Yeah, my own bugles are compromised right now too."

"I love plumbing." Kathryn Greenwood

True to the show's motto, "How hard can it be?", Mag and Kathy successfully replace the p-trap in their own comedic fashion. It is now time for celebration and thoughtful reflection on their success. The two get back under the sink, and with their popcorn and bugles, they order in pizza and share scary plumbing stories.

Visit the Repair to Remeber website.