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h o m e

k a t h y

w o r k s

l i n k s

kathryn greenwood

wind at my back

Wind at My Back chronicles the lives of the Bailey and Sutton families during the height of the Great Depression. Despite the enormous trials each family faces, they always manage to pull through while realizing the need they have for one another.

Wind at My Back successfully portrays the struggles, setbacks, and eventual triumph over defeat that challenged the survivors of this time. Its lavish 1930s sets and attention to detail has been well chronicled.

Kathy portrays Grace Bailey, a thirtyish, unmarried woman. Kathy's comedic talents and dramatic depth makes Grace Bailey a favorite among WAMB fans. Close living with her domineering mother had left Grace timid and easily manageable, however, she has steadily developed her independence. Grace's tendency toward awkward and side-splitting situations makes her a joy to watch.

Wind at My Back is currently airing in Canada on CBC and in the US on WAM! and Odyssey