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h o m e

k a t h y

w o r k s

l i n k s

kathryn greenwood

whose line is it anyway?

Whose Line Is It Anyway? is an American update of the original British game show of the same name. No rehearsals here! The show takes the form of a game between four comedic contestants. However, as Drew Carey points out, "the points don't matter." (Figure that one out) The players improvise skits, games, or songs in front of a live audience.

Episode 176 (US version 40)
[first appearance]
Questions Only, Props, and Newsflash.

Episode 178 (US version 42)
Weird Newscasters, Themed Restaurant, Scenes From a Hat.

Episode 197 (US version 61)
Weird Newscasters, Scenes From a Hat, and Party Quirks.

Episode 204 (US version 68)
Film and Theatre Styles and Newsflash.

Episode 213 (US version 77)
Questions Only, Scenes Cut From a Movie, and The Millionaire Show.

Episode 223 (US version 87)
Questions Only, African Chant, In The Millionaire Show, and Scenes From A Hat.

Episode 224 (US version 88)
Lets Make A Date, Props, and Foreign Film Dub.

Episode 225 (US version 89)
Film and Theatre Styles and The Millionaire Show.

Episode 230 (US version 94)
Lets Make A Date, Film and Theatre Styles, and Party Quirks.

Episode 231 (US version 95)
Hollywood Director and Action Replay

Episode 234 (US version 98)
Weird Newscasters, Action Replay, and Party Quirks.

Regulars include Drew Carey, Colin Mochrie, Ryan Stiles, and Wayne Brady. Visit ABC's Whose Line Is It Anyway? site.